Test delivery from March 15th to 19th in Manila (Manila Lockdown)


Dear candidate,

*This communication is for the candidate who has test appointment(s) from March 15th to 19th in Manila as of March 13th.
*This communication is prepared due to the announcement made by Philippine government on March 12th. New announcements may be made by the Philippine government in the future.

The Philippine government announced on March 12 that it will ban people from entering and departing from the capital Manila for about one month from March 15th to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The two Prometric test centers(venues), PHJ01 and PHJ02, in Manila will both open as usual from March 15th to 19th.

If you are not able to visit the test centers(venues) due to the Manila lockdown, please read the following carefully and take actions accordingly:
 - If you want to cancel your test appointment(s), please submit the Cancellation Request Form ( https://bit.ly/33cgoDV ) with the necessary information.
 - Please do not cancel your test appointment(s) by yourself.
 - Our customer service center will get back to you in a few days after the cancellation has been completed.
Cancellation Request Form
Kindly note that you may visit the following landing pages to check the latest information. Japan Foundation

・Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic)

・Nursing care skills evaluation test and Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test

・Agriculture Skill Assessment Test (general crop farming/general livestock farming)

・The Food Service Industry Skills Proficiency Test

・Manufacture of Food and Beverages Skills Proficiency Test

We hope that you are safe and well. We are doing our best to provide support to you.

Thank you.